Step by Step Guide on How to Varnish

There are many different steps which one needs to take when constructing furniture from scratch. The last step in the furniture creation process is the finish application. The finish on the furniture piece is useful in many regards such as protecting it from dust, ultraviolet rays and water. In addition, finish adds to the overall beauty of a woodworked item.

One type of finish that individuals truly appreciate is varnish. Varnish comes in many different styles and consistencies such as satin, glossy and flat. This type of finish acts as a top coat for the furniture piece and protects the item from damage which may have occurred without the varnish.

Once the furniture piece has been sanded and is ready to go, the last step is to apply the varnish. When considering how to varnish, there are a few steps one can follow in order to make the process as simple and perfect as possible. The first step when learning how to varnish is to find a good, clean area in which to engage in this process. This area should be dust free and covered in newspaper which will absorb any spilled varnish along the way.

After the varnishing area has been prepped, the next step regarding how to varnish relates to the varnish itself. Check to see if varnish needs to be prepared with another item such as a stain or filler. Just be sure that the sealers are of the same variety as it is not wise to mix varying materials together.

Once the varnish is ready to go, grab your paintbrush and apply a coat of varnish to the furniture piece. Use gentle strokes as you would when painting any other type of surface and use new varnish when doing so. This will help to ensure that the varnish will go on smooth and be absent of any lumps.

At this point in the guide on how to varnish, it is important to emphasize that the coat applications should be smooth and even. If you find that there are lumps or that it is not being evenly distributed throughout the surface, add a bit of thinner to the varnish to even it out. Another way to ensure a smooth varnish is to apply it on a horizontal surface as opposed to a vertical one.

As soon as one coat has been thoroughly applied to the product, let it sit for approximately 24 hours to dry. Once dry, apply a second coat of varnish with a new brush. One can usually apply up to five coats of varnish and the exact amount of coats will depend on the overall look which one is trying to achieve as well as the type of wood being varnished. The last step in this guide on how to varnish is to wipe the furniture piece clean with a dry cloth once the last coat of varnish has completely dried. The final product will be a dust-free, beautifully coated furniture piece to brighten up your home.



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